Our clients say...

It is not just the money they save me, it is the time they save me and my
staff. We tell them the problem if one occurs and they handle it, if they
did not already, which they usually did! These things used to cost me and
my staff valuable time when we were trying to concentrate on our
business. Not any more!!" Ken is the Chairman and it is funny how it is
not just his great staff that has been there for me, but he has himself,
never failed to be there for us.

Alex, NYTDA Member
In just over 10 years, NYTDA has turned parking ticket defense on its
head and has fought the City of New York where justice was not being
served by irresponsible parking ticket issuance practices or adjudication
practices. Thanks to the support over 560 commercial trucking, service
and delivery companies serving NYC, our voice, your voice, is heard at
the highest levels of government.
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