Our association and our parking ticket resolution practice is founded
on two principles, great technology and great personnel. Our personnel
is made up of our full time staff, affiliate advocates and affilliate
adjudicators, each and everyone the best in the field.
Our Attorneys and Staff
NYTDA - Your
Other Back Office
and Industry
Each and every service and process is systematically documented and
audited for quality assurance and to maintain a competitive and
productive edge. Only the best systems and personnel are maintained to
assure the best results for every client all the time. Not just when you
come aboard but always.

There is nothing worse than being sold a service that promises you the
best, only to find that those promises diminish every day after you sign
on. At NYTDA, each and every client receives the best possible service
and quality work, bar-none!
NYTDA Parking Ticket Network